Anxious? Judge your preparation with a Mock Test Paper!



A mock test paper is a mock-up or a replica of the actual test paper. A mock test paper is available for a variety of subjects anywhere. Mock test papers are getting increasingly popular now because they are like a simulation of the actual test. Earlier, we used to have mock tests for All-India level examinations like IITJEE, NEET, CAT, and so on. But now a mock test paper can be availed of from anywhere for any subject from any class. Yes! You read that correctly! You can avail of a mock test paper to benchmark your preparation, regardless of your class – be it the 10th standard or something greater or lower than that.

Why should you judge your performance?

Before giving an exam, you should always judge your performance because:

  • You can see how you are performing under pressure. No one sets an ‘easy’ mock test or a ‘difficult’ mock test. The level of difficulty will be assessed differently by different people. If your preparation is top-notch and the paper consists of analytical questions, chances are you will breeze through it. Whereas someone who has only vigorously prepared the theory portion – will face some difficulty while answering the questions that require critical thinking.
  • Multiple mock test attempts will desensitize you. By desensitization, it is meant that a fear that exists for the actual exam will go away because you have already given dozens of the same kind based on the same syllabus. However, this will not be very effective if your preparation is incomplete. So make sure you prepare accordingly!
  • Mock tests might have some new kind or type of question which has to be handled in a different way. Might be so that in the maths mock test, you have to use an entirely new approach to solve the sum. After solving, there will be a thrill of being able to solve something that was unconventional. Also, books often do not incorporate certain questions even though they might be in the scope of the syllabus. A good example of such a subject is biology! Nevertheless, a mock test paper will let you explore the possibilities!

Where can you get such mock test papers?

Although the concept sounds strong, you might be wondering where do you go or whom do you approach if you want to get some mock test papers and solve them. Worry not, because those are easy to get. Now, on Google Play Store as well as the App Store, renowned educationists and eminent teachers who want to change the present scenario have developed an app that can be considered the best of its kind. You can easily find a online mock test  for any subject and for any standard on that app. Just a download of the app and signing up for a free account is required. 


So bid goodbye to anxiety and start preparing for the mock tests, because they are the best benchmark for your performance!


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