Outstanding Quora upvotes


The Upvote feature in Quora is similar to the like button on Instagram. The way like button on Instagram indicates how popular a post is upvote button on quora indicates how useful an answer to a question is. Whenever you give an answer to a question, your answer is shown to the followers of the question and the people who are actively searching for the question. The answer with the most upvotes is the most likable answer by the community but it does not necessarily indicate the best answer. The answer with the most upvotes is shown first in the list of answers to a question. If people like your answer, they will click the ‘Upvote’ option and your answer will get an additional vote for your answer. Upvotes on Quora work differently than elsewhere. They are not specifically meant for “I like this answer.” They are meant to be used for good answers to questions that are well written and get their point across. This means that users should be upvoting good answers to questions, even if they disagree with the writer.



Best Upvote in Quora can mean all of the mentioned or any of the mentioned things. It can mean that you like the answer written by the user or that you approve of the facts and the opinion mentioned in the answer and you like the answer. Upvote is the generic way of saying that you approve of this answer, it can be either you liked the writing, you liked the opinion, you liked the facts mentioned or you support the answer. It just says you based on your understanding and opinion approve of the answer written. Upvotes aren’t an equivalent thing as believing or liking the solution. They are simply “positive points” that help the Quora feed algorithms find out what’s or isn’t a helpful answer to the question
Upvotes has different meanings for different entities

Reader – To readers, Upvotes means a way of showing appreciation to Answer they like, Answer they agree with or amazed by Answer. The answer is Worth sharing with more people.
Author – To author Upvotes means the motivation to write new answers. The satisfaction of spreading the new ideas, Knowledge, etc, and receiving appreciation for it.
Quora – To Quora Upvotes means a way of spreading Answer world wide. According to Quora algorithm Answer with more number of Upvotes Spread faster to people. For faster visibility you can buy Quora downvotes, upvotes, questions, answers and so on from trusted websites.

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