Reassuring users to download the application must be authentic and therefore must meet the ranking criteria of Apple and Google, which are dissimilar in their approach to optimization. For example, Apple has a less complex and simpler method of optimization. Both, however, place great and repetitive use of keywords in the foreground with respect to Best app store optimization ranking requirements.

Certify optimization of keywords

Afterward, select the keywords with the strongest “download intent”, start entering the keywords in the title and description tags. However, be careful not to over-optimize these fields, as both Apple and Google have often punished exorbitant use of keywords. Choose a short title, with the main keyword to cause traffic so that the application is easily detectable by the application stores.

It requires a huge effort and hard work to produce an app that users will be willing to download. The weight of the application plays an important role in app store optimization due to mobile users do not like complicated and energy-consuming applications. As a result, they will be less likely to download applications that consist of large storage space and significant download times.

App Store Agencies Focus On High-Quality Images And Visuals

The images and visuals of your application console users and bias their decision to download the application. First and for most, develop an attractive icon that grabs attention. Use neat graphics with eye-catching colors and don’t overload it with text; the image should reflect what the application does and be functional – show how the application is used. Don’t forget to add snaps. Combining a short video is also useful to illustrate what the application does.

Do not forget to get feedback and user ratings

You should remember that comments, user ratings, and feedback are indispensable to evaluate the sustainability of your application on application platforms. Therefore, good grades guarantee a good ranking, while negative votes (less than 4) indicate that the application is not good enough for the average user, limiting the number of downloads.

A genuine tip to bypass negative reviews and ask users to give a 5-star rating is to send constructive and helpful replies to comments from users who have a problem with the app. 

Promote your application

It consists of paid advertising campaigns, offered by Google, which will be beneficial for promoting your app on social media, Google, and other apps, which in turn will increase the download speed. Some promotional tips for your application:

Create pop-up incentives on the mobile site.

Add a banner or a link to the company website.

Send emails to potential users to announce the launch of the app.

Publish sponsored posts and articles on social media.

If you think to go with search engine marketing, it is crucial to use certified AdWords consultants for this type of promotion in order to get the desired results.

Do update every day:

If you update every day then the frequency of updates is a determining factor. In fact, applications that perform regular updates are more trustworthy in the eyes of Apple as well as Google. Finally, they are better indexed. This good practice can also serve as a reminder for users who use very little of the application and could delete it.

If these techniques are well optimized, increase the visibility of the application, which positively affects the number of downloads of your product.


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