stockmoneys ASO What Everyone Ought To Know About App Store Optimization

What Everyone Ought To Know About App Store Optimization

I have had this game For a very long time before the store, school, and hospital came out. I absolutely love it! I do have a few app store optimization company india suggestions 

These are just a few suggestions I have many more. But I don’t want to make this to to long. I appreciate all you do and have done with this game it is fun are all ages I’m 14 and play this and my little sister who is 6 plays it and we love it! So please make a few updates!!”

“I remember the day when I was randomly looking for games and found these! (This was before the school and hospital were made 😁) I love the games so much but I wish you could at least add a couple of things, I know it takes you a very long time to sketch the game, and then animate it. But I think this won’t be a lot of work:

1.teenagers would be fun to have they could do the babysitting so the parents could have a night out. 

  1. The parents don’t have a place for a night out or just for the whole family to go out. You should add restaurants or make a app just for restaurants. 
  2. Myplayhome neighbors I have seen lots of other people say you should make it and I know it’s a lot of work but……. app store optimisation service All the family’s need homes even the employees. 
  3. The “”original”” employees can’t sit down the people that work at stores and stuff could you update that please? 
  4. Expand the house and enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own. 
  5. Make a car shop where you can buy a bigger car so you can have an many kids as you want. 
  6. Let us use the garage!!! 
  7. Add more employees at the hospital. 

~ My playhome daycare includes:

Diapers, wipes, changing table, changeable bed sheets, lunch room, playground, 3 classrooms, 2 playrooms, and at least 20 new toys. And also adds toddler characters that look like the babies, and the kids.

~ my playhome neighborhood includes:

3 more houses for all family’s, updated kitchens-modern-, tv’s are bigger, rooms for kids and teens that look like the kids! 2 bathrooms, and well new clothes!

~ my playhome office includes: 

Sorta like the hospital but it has a conference room and more work outfits, recording room for like a news channel and possibly click here a room to publish newspapers! And we get to type and put pictures of the accidents on the page!

~ my playhome furniture store includes:

Furniture you can buy and it will replace the one at the house you choose, if you want it back you can go to the store and change it. For example the high chair in the kitchen you can buy another one or change the color to pink green and brown, etc.”

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